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Marketing Analysis – Outdoor Ads

Without Teachers Description: This ad placement is on a billboard. The picture is ruled paper with the words Without Teachers, We Would All be Dum. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! This ad by Adams + Fairway won the Bronze Award and the Obie Award in 2017 Appeal/Technique: The ad is using humor to get the viewersContinue reading “Marketing Analysis – Outdoor Ads”


Marketing Analysis – Magazine Ads

Explanation Description: This ad for Earth Love Movement Foundation displays an info map of what a city immersed in the sea would look like. Showing water and tops of buildings. There is an arrow and marker showing In 2030 You Are Here. This ad won the Clio Award in 2007. Appeal/Technique: The ad is wantingContinue reading “Marketing Analysis – Magazine Ads”

Marketing Analysis – Newsprint/Digital

In the Air Description: This ad by Toyota highlights the 2017 RAV4. The location is a beach, by the ocean. Many people gathered around the car looking like they are having a good time. They are wearing white shirts with splashes of color. In the air is smoke pockets of different bright colors. This adContinue reading “Marketing Analysis – Newsprint/Digital”

Marketing Analysis – 5 TV ads

Dream Crazy – Nike Description: The commercial starts with an individual skate boarding down a stair railing. His attempt fails as he falls, almost making it to the end. The commentary begins with “If people say your dreams are crazy” as the skateboarder continues more failed attempts to make it down the railing. The voiceContinue reading “Marketing Analysis – 5 TV ads”

Marketing Analysis – 5 Radio Ads

I have selected five radio ads and will be doing a marketing analysis of each. 3pm Brainstorms This radio ad by BBDO New York, Mars Chocolate/Snickers, launched in 2019. It received the Radio Mercury Awards in 2019. The ad describes three examples of ideas that the ad mocks as “bad” brainstorms that would haveContinue reading “Marketing Analysis – 5 Radio Ads”