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Marketing Analysis – 5 TV ads

Dream Crazy – Nike

Description: The commercial starts with an individual skate boarding down a stair railing. His attempt fails as he falls, almost making it to the end. The commentary begins with “If people say your dreams are crazy” as the skateboarder continues more failed attempts to make it down the railing. The voice adds, “If they laugh at what you think you can do”. Next a scene of a young boy with no legs enters a wrestling mat. The voice continues, “Good. Stay that way” as the boy wrestles with an opponent. The commercial shows scenes of different individuals, of different color and different backgrounds or countries. As a clip of a surfer riding a huge wave is shown the commentary continues with, “Because what nonbelievers fail to understand is that calling a dream crazy is not an insult it’s a complement”. The scenes continue with a girl, possibly Muslim, wearing a head scarf boxing, and then a white girl in a wheel chair dribbling two basketballs at once. The voice proclaims, “Don’t try to be the fastest runner in your school. Or the fastest in the World. Be the fastest ever” as scenes of a young black boy running by a field goes into an older black man running in a large athletic event. Next, the voice explains, “Don’t picture yourself wearing OBJ’s Jersey. Picture OBJ wearing yours” as a scene of a little league football game shows a player catching a pass from the quarterback with one hand and continuing to run. The commercial continues with examples of people doing exceptional things in sports, for example, a girl that is crowned homecoming queen and plays football, an individual that lost over 120 lbs and beating a brain tumor became an iron-man athlete, and a refugee that played national soccer at age 16. The commercial changes into being bigger than basketball as a news clip of Lebron opening his ‘I Promise’ school is played. Next, the commentary is shown as Colin Kaepernick as his voice states, “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” Scenes continue of athletes that have overcome adversity. The commercial ends with Kaepernick saying, “So don’t ask if you dreams are crazy, ask if they’re crazy enough”. As individuals are displayed on city buildings the words It’s only crazy until you do it. transitions into Just do it. , and then the Nike logo fades out.

Appeal/Technique: The commercial’s emotional response was to be inspirational as it showed a montage of athletes overcoming adversity to chase their dreams. The ad won the Multicultural Excellence Award in 2019.

Objectives: In this commercial Nike is inspiring it’s audience with athletes that overcame obstacles while portraying their brand and logos in the clips/scenes. The objective is to have viewers relate hard work and success in athletes to Nike. And that Nike supports all athletes.

Target Market: Nike’s target market is all athletes, fans, and individuals pursuing dreams.

Action: I think the action in this ad is to encourage inspired viewers to wear/support Nike.

Value Proposition: The value proposition in this product, Nike, is to show that you are an individual willing to overcome obstacles. That you can inspire, set high goals, and keep trying.

Changing the Game – Microsoft

Description: This commercial starts with the words, Video games let us experience incredible things. There are clips of video games and people playing video games. The next title reads But, 33 million disabled gamers don’t have the same experience. Young gamers with disabilities start describing how they play differently. The ad goes into Changing The Game as a Microsoft representative describes their objective to create a controller for gamers with limited mobility. The commercial introduces 3 young gamers that helped in creating the Xbox Adaptive Controller. Clips of commercials highlighting the intro of the device during the super bowl are shown to show the impact of this new technology. The ad continues with clips of young, disabled gamers opening the controller and using the device. Next, they highlight the creation of the first eSports tournament for gamers with and without disabilities. The ad shows several screen shots and clips of feedback on the product. There is a clip showing how Nintendo Switch has adapted the controller to work with it’s product as well. Microsoft ends with But more importantly, the experience of playing video games is now the same for everyone. Children and gamers continue to talk about the benefits of the new controller for them. The ad ends with one of the young gamers saying, “Now, Everyone can play”.

Appeal/Technique: The commercials emotional response was to make users feel improved and included. The ad received the Multicultural Excellence Award in 2019.

Objectives: The objective was to inform viewers of a new product, the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

Target Market: The target market is gamers with disabilities or limited mobility.

Action: The action the ad wants viewers to take is to (1) inspire companies to include disability capabilities in new products and (2) sell a product that is adaptable to all people.

Value Proposition: The value proposition of this ad is to empower individuals. Microsoft makes viewers feel included and creates opportunity.

See Sound – Wavio

Description: This ad starts by deaf individuals sharing an experience of when they missed a common sound that caused them to miss taking action. The ad then introduces SeeSound by Wavio, the world’s first smart home hearing system. Next is an example of the device picking up a baby cry and sending a notification to a smart phone of a Sound Alert that sounds like a child crying in the hallway. The ad also explains that the limitations in the current market for sound devices is due to the shortage of data. Then, the ad highlights that YouTube has the data needed and is how they compiled sounds and categories of sounds to build this device. The ad ends by showing the statements There are 9 million Deaf households in the US alone. Soon, everyone of them will see sound.

Appeal/Technique: The emotional response in this ad is a little bit of shock. For me it’s realizing so many people of deaf and the impact of not being able to hear common household sounds. The ad received the Multicultural Excellence Award in 2019.

Objectives: The objective of this ad is to sell and inform viewers of a device that is beneficial and could even save lives of individuals who are deaf.

Target Market: The target market would be individuals who are deaf or friends and family of deaf individuals that would want such a product.

Action: The action portrayed by this ad is to buy See Sound and receive notifications of common household sounds and emergency sounds.

Value Proposition: The value proposition of this ad is being able to act on common household and emergency sounds. A potential to save lives.

More Than One Flavor – Goya Foods

Description: The ad starts with a man grilling and a woman walks up to ask him what’s for dinner? The man replies with chuletas asadas marinated with his secret ingredient, Goya’s Mojo Criollo. The woman is concerned what will the children eat? He replies the same thing. He assures her the children will love it. A voice comes over explaining the marinade and ingredients that add Latin flavor to meats. Also stating the product is for chefs who want to teach their kids that life has more than one flavor. The ad ends with If it’s Goya…it has to be good!

Appeal/Technique: The emotional response is a little bit of humor and reality. The woman asking what the kids are going to eat? It seems many meals especially with more flavor tend to be rejected by kids and adults have to add another dish of something more simple. He replied the same thing, a little shock from the woman, and he adds assurance that the kids will like it. The ad by Dieste, Inc won the Multicultural Excellence Award in 2018.

Objectives: The objective of this ad is to encourage adults to try this product. That it will be liked by everyone.

Target Market: The target market is chefs and adults cooking for children.

Action: The action the ad wants viewers to take is to try this product at their next gathering or family meal.

Value Proposition: The value proposition of this product is that when used for a meal it is accepted and liked by all. This also means less preparing dishes at gathering because it will be liked by all.

#WomanInProgress – Johnson & Johnson/Motrin

Description: This ad starts with three women that each have a hardship. The words Sometimes we have to take a step back to take a step forward appear. They continue to describe how the keep working through the pain. Next the words PAIN can be progress appear. The ad ends with each woman stating their name and concluding with I’m a woman in progress. The scene ends with #WomanInProgress, Motrin.

Appeal/Techniques: The emotional response from this ad makes woman feel they are not alone and that you have to push to be better and it’s not easy. The ad won the Multicultural Excellence Award in 2017.

Objectives: The objective of the ad is to sell Motrin as a pain reliever.

Target Market: The target market is women.

Action: The action the ad wants viewers to take is to use Motrin as a pain reliever.

Value Proposition: The value proposition from this product is that Motrin is a pain reliever and is for any kind of pain or situation that individuals are in.


4 thoughts on “Marketing Analysis – 5 TV ads

  1. Hello Terrie,

    Great analysis! my favorite ad you chose has got to be Microsoft, changing the game. Personally growing up video games have been an outlet for various situations and issues I’ve previously faced. So seeing an ad for a product that accommodates those with disabilities who may be can’t experience video games the same way. I know the assignment doesn’t call for you to state your favorite ad but which would be your personal favorite?


  2. Hi Terrie,

    Excellent analysis and I really appreciate the amount of detail you put into this assignment. The ads you chose were all very thought-provoking. I especially enjoyed the Microsoft ad and I felt like they did a great job focusing on accessibility and inclusion. I also felt the Motrin ad, while marketing their product, did a great job in promoting the strength and endurance of women. Great work!




  3. Terrie:

    I enjoyed watching the set of ads you chose for this assignment. The Nike and Microsoft ads were a frequent choice for their inspirational message and tone. I enjoyed watching the See Sound ad. It did a great job explaining how the product came about and why such a product was needed. The Goya ad seemed basic but was effective in highlighting the specific product being promoted – something the Nike ad lacked. Your analysis of these ads was informative, and I felt I learned something. Good job!



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